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begin anew

We live our lives as usual. We think everything is under control.
But every once in a while something happens… a disaster, a life-changing event. Internal or external, it turns our lives upside down. It inspires us to greatest sacrifices and greatest deeds. It demands the greatest sorrow and the greatest changes. From now on we need to begin anew.

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project 12

Project 12 is a story of self-discovery and transformation in 12 images. Since this is a story, it should be told in a particular order. I have created a guided virtual exhibition for you!

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Currently, I’m looking for mental health professionals that would like to work with my images in their practice. Interested? Read more here.

About the artist

My name is Karolina and I create magical, fantasy worlds for you to step into and daydream for a while.

You might be bored with the daily grind. You might be overwhelmed by your current situation. You don’t really want to escape but just catch a break. Let your heart miss a bit. Relax for a second. Gain perspective and regroup. That’s where my images come in.

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Up coming events

Studio route September

25 September  – 2 October

This is a virtual exposition of several artists from all over the world.

Expo October 2021

During this expo I’ll be presenting my latest work: the cycle.

More information will be available later.

Week of the work stress November 2021

Also this year I’ll be organising something… What exactly?

I don’t know, it’s still early in the year.

Are you a mental health professional? Wanna do something cool together in that week? Shoot me a message!