The day was gray. Gray and rainy.

This image is a part of project 12.

Story of 1 – gray and rainy

The day was gray. Gray and rainy. It was gray and rainy when I woke up. It was gray and rainy when I brought our kids to school, when I went to work and while I was working. It was gray and rainy when I came home and prepared dinner. It was gray and rainy when my husband arrived with the kids, when we ate and when the kids went to sleep. It was gray and rainy when I went to bed. The next day was exactly the same… and the day after that… and the day after that…

I felt broken, tired and numb. And sad. More and more often just sad. It was unusual for me. I didn’t know this kind of sad before. But here I was in yet another gray and rainy day all sad and tired. It seemed that it was always going to be this way. That I would be stuck in this gray sadness forever. Unless I could find something that would make my sun come out again.

The healing

Project 12 is not only images. It’s also a short story. This short story is not ready yet but it will be published as a book when the time is right. If you don’t want to miss that… drop me your email.

Buy 1 – gray and rainy

If you like this image, you can, of course, order it. It’s available in the following options:

Limited edition: 25 copies, 40×60 cm print on Ilford smooth pearl paper on dibond with acrylic glass and hanging frame. This edition is ready to hang on your wall.

Unlimited edition: small B5 prints on glossy paper (Ilford Crystal gloss) with a window mat.

Take a look here for the impressions of both editions.

BTS of 1 – gray and rainy

This image had come to me. It was a classical strike of the muse. I didn’t feel sad anymore but the memory of that feeling was still vividly present in me. I have started with a sketch. Just to order my thoughts and make some decisions already.

I share a lot of my process on Instagram. If you are interested, just follow me there.

Preparation and shooting were not complicated. My white dress together with the wig was ready, as this was my Carnaval 2019 outfit. I shot this while my colleagues were watching and laughing during a lunch break.

Editing was a bit more challenging. I was still learning Photoshop. All in all, I’m quite happy with the end result.

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