This image is a part of project 12.

Story of 12 – create your own world

“Listen,” I was practicing this all day in my head and now it was showtime. “I obviously do not care for your bonus. Not more than you care for my exposition. But I’m willing to cooperate if you are as well. We can both benefit from the situation. You get your bonus. I get my exposition. Everybody wins.”

I made a pause to let the Fear process what I just said. Something I had learned during a management course.

“Here are my terms. Take it or leave it. You will stop tormenting me during the night. I need my sleep. You can torment me during the day AND I keep one veto a week. If I use it, you let me go for the rest of the day.”

“Like a one day free pass?”

“Yes, just like that. You are of course not allowed to enter the witch hut. If you oblige with these terms. I’ll continue and I will prepare the exposition.”

“This might be enough for my bonus.” said the Fear and squinted her eyes.

“If you fail on any of these terms I’ll quit and there will be no bonus and no exposition. Do you understand?” I reached my hand towards her. “Do we have a deal?”

She shook my hand and disappeared without a word.

“One demon at the time,” I mumbled to myself. “I create my own world, by domesticating one demon at the time.”

I fell asleep with high hopes for the future to come.

The healing

Project 12 is not only images. It’s also a short story. This short story is not ready yet but it will be published as a book when the time is right. If you don’t want to miss that… drop me your email.

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If you like this image, you can, of course, order it. It’s available in the following options:

Limited edition: 25 copies, 40×60 cm print on Ilford smooth pearl paper on dibond with acrylic glass and hanging frame. This edition is ready to hang on your wall.

Unlimited edition: small B5 prints on glossy paper (Ilford Crystal gloss) with a window mat.

Take a look here for the impressions of both editions.

BTS of 12 – create your own world

The general idea appeared quite quickly but the details kept bugging me. I have created a few sketches. I was considering a few different locations. And all wasn’t really working. In the end, I have decided actually to put my artist under pressure and just chose something.

So this was my working sketch. I needed a wall and butterflies. Finding a proper wall to shoot wasn’t as easy as I hoped it to be actually. Perhaps also due to the fact that I wanted un ugly location. A lot of concrete and fences. I had to scout for it.

Shooting there wasn’t pleasant. It was hot and rarely do I shoot in such an uninspiring location. Editing was even more challenging than shooting. Things didn’t want to just work out. I really had to work for it to make the image pop. Once again, textures and overlays actually made it for me.

I am curious what do you think about this image. Let me know in the comments!