This image is a part of project 12.

Story of 4 – the choice

“No,” the Muse said with the saddest voice I had ever heard. “You were outside but I wasn’t. You can go without me but I can’t go without you.” Her eyes started to water again.

Well, tough luck for you, I know when I’m being played. But I said out loud. “I can’t go now. I must finish cleaning this mess. If I quit now, you know who will show up…”

“You should not be afraid of her.” She interrupted me in an adult tone of voice. “I can protect you. I need to get just a bit stronger and I can protect you from her and the one above her as well. Just take me with you outside. Play with me. Let me become stronger.” The Muse stopped behaving like a child and was sincerely begging now.

I was considering my options. I could drop everything as it was and just go outside. Take my camera or not, and just go for a short walk. I had not been doing that for ages. But… I would feel bad about not keeping a promise to myself, not sticking to my own plan. Most likely my husband would get pissed at me for making a total mess in the attic and just leaving it. And I was pretty sure such an opportunity like this wouldn’t be missed by the Perfect One. But who the Muse was talking about? Was there something even above the demon? I wasn’t ready to meet either of them at this point. If I finished cleaning the attic, it would be of my mind and I could go outside then… with a clean conscience and with the Muse.”

“Listen… ” I started and she interrupted again convincing me that she really could hear all of my thoughts.

“Do you promise?”

The healing

Project 12 is not only images. It’s also a short story. This short story is not ready yet but it will be published as a book when the time is right. If you don’t want to miss that… drop me your email.

Buy 4 – the choice

If you like this image, you can, of course, order it. It’s available in the following options:

Limited edition: 25 copies, 40×60 cm print on Ilford smooth pearl paper on dibond with acrylic glass and hanging frame. This edition is ready to hang on your wall.

Unlimited edition: small B5 prints on glossy paper (Ilford Crystal gloss) with a window mat.

Take a look here for the impressions of both editions.

BTS of 4 – the choice

I must admit that at this point the project has taken an unexpected turn. Now the story that I was writing took over the narrative and influenced the images a lot. It was exactly the same with this image. This choice, this double feeling about the next step. From very small ones to big and important ones. What will you choose?

After this idea came to me in the story making, a sketch was simple and took no time at all.

In May I have packed a bag with the most necessary props for several pictures. I shot a lot of images during that one day. This was one of them. Once again because I had my sketches and the right props, I didn’t need to take all of the creative decisions there at the spot. Just the small ones 😉

I have spent quite some time editing this image. Blending was an issue and then I didn’t like the sky. I wanted a division, a choice that feels like physical pain and the sky had to resemble the duality and pending doom. Choose wisely and chose quick, there will be no second chances!

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