This image is a part of project 12.

Story of 7 – the door

When I was done, I looked at the huge pile of folded laundry. Yes, nothing said “you have accomplished a lot today!” better than a gigantic pile of neatly folded clothes. I turned around and on the wall in front of me there was a door with a sign written in clumsy letters: “the witch lives here”. Just an ordinary door but I could swear it hadn’t been there before. Like… ever. We had been living at least seven years in this house and that door just appeared from nowhere.

“How is it possible there is a door in my house that I haven’t seen before?” I said out loud to no one in particular.

“O well, these things happen,” said the Muse. She must have appeared somewhere between me folding our son’s socks and our daughter’s pans. I was already used to that. “Let’s see what’s behind it!

The healing

Project 12 is not only images. It’s also a short story. This short story is not ready yet but it will be published as a book when the time is right. If you don’t want to miss that… drop me your email.

Buy 7 – the door

If you like this image, you can, of course, order it. It’s available in the following options:

Limited edition: 25 copies, 40×60 cm print on Ilford smooth pearl paper on dibond with acrylic glass and hanging frame. This edition is ready to hang on your wall.

Unlimited edition: small B5 prints on glossy paper (Ilford Crystal gloss) with a window mat.

Take a look here for the impressions of both editions.

BTS of 7 – the door

I don’t really recall when or how I got this idea. It was for sure one of the last sketches and one of the last images that I shot and edited.

It was so hot that day. I was shooting in the mids of summer and it was more than a million degrees outside. Inside was just a bit better, but not by much. I dragged myself to get my gear and wigg. Finally, I was ready to shoot. Except, my flash wasn’t always firing. Not that again! Not on a day like this. In case of trust I could just fake the light in Photoshop, but somehow in this one, it would be really hard and cumbersome. Since I was at home, I just looked for spare batteries and carried on. I got three decent shots and decided to call it a day!

Editing was relatively easy and I have decided to work with textures and overlays again. There is something seriously magical happening when I add them. The image becomes more painterly and profound.

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