This image is a part of project 12.

Story of 8 – fear / the freak show

“You need others to see your work”, she said. “Why don’t you hang your photos somewhere? Somewhere a lot of people can see it.”

And I was left alone with this thought while driving back home. Yes, I needed to do that but how? Could I just do it? It didn’t seem like a difficult thing to arrange. Just approach some restaurant or pub owners and ask. That was not the scary part. They might say “yes”. They might say “no”. And that was not the scary part either. People seeing it might like it or not. That was a bit scary and it could be painful at moments but I could get myself that far. But what if there was no reaction? Just crickets and utter indifference. That was terrifying.

The healing

Project 12 is not only images. It’s also a short story. This short story is not ready yet but it will be published as a book when the time is right. If you don’t want to miss that… drop me your email.

Buy 8 – fear / the freak show

If you like this image, you can, of course, order it. It’s available in the following options:

Limited edition: 25 copies, 40×60 cm print on Ilford smooth pearl paper on dibond with acrylic glass and hanging frame. This edition is ready to hang on your wall.

Unlimited edition: small B5 prints on glossy paper (Ilford Crystal gloss) with a window mat.

Take a look here for the impressions of both editions.

BTS of 8 – fear / the freak show

We went to see the circus with our kids. While I was sitting and watching the clouds and acrobats trying to do their tricks and the audience amazed but perhaps, even more, lurking for something to go wrong… an image popped into my head. Perhaps not even an image but an idea. I couldn’t wait for the show to end so that I could finally get to do some sketching.

When you put yourself out there, for others to see, for others to judge… Do they look at you because they admire you or because they consider you strange, weird and entertaining. Perhaps they enjoy to see you struggle?

Then I started to sketch…

I actually asked if I could shoot in the circus, but that was not an option so I thought, well it’s not about the exact place. It’s about the setting. I took some shots in the circus tent, not to use them but to reference them. How’s the light on the performers? How’s the light on the audience? This sort of thing. When I was ready to shoot, I just set up my very own circus in the back garden.

It took a lot of time to edit this image but I think this one is one of my favorite from the entire project.

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