Dream with me about a totally different December.

It’s December, the most stressful time of the year. Not to mention that it’s the most expensive time of the year. And all that while the days are short, dark and grey. That doesn’t match. It doesn’t add up and it bothers me a lot.

I don’t have any real answers to the question of how to do it differently. How not to get totally crazy during December? How not to spend a fortune? If you’ve expected 10 simple ways on how to survive December, sorry. It’s not this kind of post at all. Just google, there are enough already.

I’m a dreamer so I’ll do what I do best, dream some ludicrous dream about December. December, a month of rest and very simple pleasures.

This post has been inspired by many I have seen so far but one in particular of Adventures and Anxiety.

Take a look outside for an inspiration

This photo is a part of a still nature time series.

Nature has been preparing for a few months now to rest. Trees have lost all their leaves and are falling asleep. Animals are either preparing or already hibernating. Birds have migrated down south. It’s quiet now. No rush there. Only gentle breathing of sound asleep. All the work has been done already and now it’s time to rest. To sleep. To die. Metaphorically. I meant it metaphorically.

Once people had to live according to the rhythm of nature otherwise, well otherwise they’d starve. Back then… when Netflix, Pinterest, electricity or even Christmas were not around, well back then this time of the year looked very different. Yes, there was a last feest at winter solstice but except for that… I guess not much was happening. I imagine this was the time to sit by the fire and tell tales. It was time to be together but without any special rituals. Just be together because it was safer and warmer. This was the time to reflect on the past year, perhaps. This time of the year was the time of rest.

I want all that in my dream of December

A dream about December at work

Can you imagine yourself doing the following? It’s the 1st of December and you are off work. In fact the entire month you will not be in the office. You won’t be answering emails and taking phone calls. It was such a fantastic moment when you wrote your auto-reply: I’ll see you next year, guys! Your company website is all in Christmas decorations with a huge banner stating that no one is in to answer any of the customers’ questions. You guys had an entire year to ask them.

Let’s face it, you might be thinking about some strategic plans or goals, but you are not going to put more than 1 sentence on paper. Your work for this year is done and done. Now it’s time to focus on those close to you and on yourself.

Just imagine the peace in your mind.

Yes, I know it’s crazy talk. I know that most likely you’d be murdered in cold blood either by your colleagues or by your boss directly upon your arrival in January. But just let yourself dream for a moment there…

A dream about December gatherings

After the work-work is done for the year, you would have loads of time on your hands. There would be so much time that you could spend with people you like and love. Assuming they are free in December as well, but it’s a dream so of course, they are.

You don’t plan ahead. O no, it’s all about spontaneity, informality and genuine pleasure of a nice surprise. Just a few people at the same time. We were in the neighborhood and just wanted to check if you guys were at home, kinda gatherings. You put on the table what you have… you have fun talking and you leave, or stay over for dinner.

Karolina, no one in their sane mind would dare to visit someone like this in December. No, of course not. Hell, I myself would be pissed most likely if someone just showed on my doorstep like this in December while I’m working and juggling things at the same time. But it’s just a dream and it sounds like a good dream to me.

The dream of a perfect Christmas gift

Now, dream or not, when you visit someone you bring a gift. Since you don’t need to pop into the fresh hell of office in December, you have quite some time to spend making gifts. Yes, you could buy them as well but what’s the fun in that? In my dream, December presents would be simple. A homemade pie, for that spontaneous visit. Or a bunch of dried lavender. I guess it would all be small things that one can use up or eat. But not fancy or expensive. Just something you are good at making and that makes it special.

Yes, I know most likely you can’t imagine showing up to a Christmas party with just a jar of homemade jam, or drawing that you made yourself. It’s just a dream, let it dream on.

This photo is a part of a still nature time series.

The dream about you in December

The entire month you were baking cakes, making music or painting to give as gifts to your friends and family. You were visiting them a lot, some even more than once this month. It was fun but now the month is over. It’s a count down to midnight… and you have not made any New Year’s resolutions. Yes, not a single one. All the good ideas for making changes in your life you have started already. The moment they popped into your head, you were doing them without any fuss about it. But there were also some that you know would have to wait till spring or even summer. They will require a lot of work and work is energy. You are not going to start with them now, in the winter when energy is low. You will start with them when energy is high, the sun higher in the sky and warmth coming back to the world. You will make your move then.

Could you imagine resisting the magic of the New Year’s Eve resolutions? Well, I actually could and since it’s the single part of my dream that is utterly under my control, what the hell, I’m not making any this year. Instead, I’ll start thinking about the year that has passed. I might journal my reflections but in December I’ll be only looking back. In December just like nature, I’ll die, metaphorically.

Are you with me?