This is a fictional short story about destiny. It has originally been published at

It was supposed to be just a normal day. Get up, take a shower, eat breakfast, go to work kinda day. Except that the moment I woke up there was this uneasy feeling in my stomach. Premonition of pending doom. Or perhaps I just ate something bad the day before? Nevertheless, I got up and went to the bathroom. The uneasy stomach cramp did not leave.

“Finally,” a voice inside the bathroom sounded and I froze.

I lived alone and the bathroom was empty. It took a while before I could compose myself. Nope, the bathroom was empty. Convinced that I must have hallucinated it, I just carried on with my morning routine and took a nice, long shower.

“For fuck sake,” the same voice came from somewhere inside of the bathroom again. “I need to talk to you.”

I looked around confused and scared. There was someone in my bathroom and I couldn’t see her. Hunched and covered only in my towel I was looking around, water still dripping from my wet hair.

“Here,” the voice said, “on the wall.”

I looked in the direction the voice came from. There was a mirror. Very slowly I approached it. I wasn’t sure what was talking through the mirror. I wasn’t sure what I would see. What I did know was, that it was all just a dream. Mirrors don’t talk. Demons or any other creatures do not exist and definitely do not talk through mirrors.

I mustered enough courage to stand in front of the mirror and once again I froze. Inside the mirror, I saw my own face but older, and then younger, and then really old, and then as a little girl.

“I was waiting forever,” said me from the mirror. “You really should get up earlier, you know.”

“Who… what… are you?” even though it wasn’t that articulated I was actually proud I could speak at this point.

“I’m you. Just… hmmm… how to put it… Not bound by time. I’m all of you. Your past, present, and future. Was it enough formalities?”

“Oh, eee? I… Why?…” I couldn’t really spin my head around this situation.

“How eloquent of you,” the me in the mirror teased. “I don’t have much time. Most likely, I’ll get in trouble even for talking to you. To keep it short. What the hell were you thinking?!”

“What do you mean?”

“You are of your purpose path, like kilometers away from your purpose path. Do you want to get us killed?”

I was staring at her with my mouth open. I had no clue what she-me was talking about.

“Your purpose path… painting? Sounds vaguely familiar?” I from the mirror gave me a frown.

“Well, yes… but.”

“No butts, this is not a porn video. You will quit your job today and you will be painting. I don’t want to hear any of your questions, concerns or whatever other bullshit. Keep it to yourself. You have to paint. You must for the sake of both of us.”

And just like that, she vanished from the mirror leaving me soaked in the empty bathroom.