Have you ever wandered where to find cool places for your fine art photoshoot?

How to find great locations for a concept art photoshoot?

So you have an idea. A person standing in a middle of a meadow full of flowers… or perhaps on top of a hill… and the sky is so dark and… but where to find such a place?

It takes a lot of time to find great places, landscapes or points of interest. I bet different people do it in different ways. Personally I don’t like to be bound by anything when I’m first conceptualizing. However when it’s time to shoot, I need to know exactly where to go. So just get in the car and drive around is not an option. It could take weeks to find a perfect spot.

So, I take advantage of my two other interests… treking and technology.

I walk. I walk a lot. Every time I go for a walk I try to choose a place I haven’t been to before. I research just a bit and then I just go. Time of the day is not important, as I’m not going for the light. I’m going to do my research. To visualize the possibilities.

During my walks I always have my phone with me. To take reference photo’s or to add a good location to my map.

My map with concept art photoshoot locations

I have made a not-that-professional map with all my photoshoot locations. In some of them I have already shot. Others I keep as a reference for the future location hunts.

If you shoot in any of these locations or if you have a great one that you would like to share with me, just let me know!