This is a fictional short story about world working in mysterious ways.

Today was going to be the most important day in Mark’s life. He thought so at least. He was going for a final job interview in his dream company. He wanted to work for these guys ever since he wanted to work for anyone.

The day started horribly. First of all, the alarm clock did not go off at the right time. Apparently, there was a power outage during the night and the alarm clock battery was dead. Mark woke up half an hour too late. He showered, shaved and run outside without any breakfast. There wasn’t even time to get a coffee.

The subway was full of people. More than usual actually. Even with extra determination he simply didn’t manage to get on the first three trains. Cursing under his breath he pushed himself into the fourth train. He could still make it right on time.

The trip was taking longer than usual. The train slowed down at some point and then stopped altogether. What was going on? Mark’s nerves started to break. Why was this happening on the most important day of his life?

After a few minutes, the train went on. This small delay, however, had direct consequences. He would be late now. About 15 minutes late for the most important interview in his life and there was nothing he could do about it. He was supposed to meet with the director. Shake his hand and make a good impression. Now, most likely there would be no handshaking and no good impression either.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mark was finally out of the metro and rushing through a park. It was a shortcut that he hoped not to take. There were always mothers with trolleys, little children on three-wheelers and all sorts of other obstacles. Like this man that grew in front of Mark out of nowhere.

“Don’t hurry so much,” the man said and started to play on a guitar. “Take it easy man and relax. It will be alright.”

“Get out of my way!” Mark hissed at him. “I’m late!”

“You are not late,” the man shouted after Mark.

This small accident cost him another three minutes but at least now he was almost out of the park. He could see the building already.

There was a deafening sound and a wall of hot air swiped Mark of his feet. Mark found himself laying on his back on the ground. There were no sounds except for a pip in his ears. Slowly some other sounds started to emerge. People. Screaming people.

He sat down and looked towards the building where he was supposed to have the most important interview of his life. The building was in flames and half-collapsed. He would have been there, inside, if his alarm clock went off on time. He would have been there, inside, if the metro wouldn’t be that full and if it didn’t stop on the way. He would have been way closer to the building if the man hadn’t stop him three minutes ago.

“I told you you were not late,” said the voice behind Mark. “We were afraid you would be on time.”

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