In November 2020 we had a week of work stress here in the Netherlands and together with a few topic enthusiasts I have put together a small program of my own.

All the video’s are in Dutch.

Webinar: burn-out hoe zit het juridisch

We have kicked off with a webinar: burn-out hoe zit het juridisch with Jan-Willem Menkveld, owner of van Menkveld Advocatuur.

Jan-Willem sketched the Dutch situation from the legal perspective. It’s a great intro to the topic for mental health professionals whose clients are diagnosed with burn-out.

Interview with Roosmarijn Haring

Next on the agenda, the gist of my interview with Roosmarijn Haring, the owner of ANOROC Academy. We talk about chronical stress and the special situation with Corona. Roosmarijn quotes a research where it had been estimated that 4 million people have very high risk of burn out after we have coped with Corona.

Further, we talk about great new tool to predict burnout chances 1 year in advance. As it turns out, you can tests someone on his stress levels and stress mechanisms. More about that in the video.

The entire 1h interview I had to condense to about 7 minutes.

If you would like to know more about the tool, shoot Roosmarijn a message.

Interview was with Hanneke de Vreugd-Kromhout

The last interview was with Hanneke de Vreugd-Kromhout, owner of Which way is north. Hanneke is a spiritual gangster. Now, that a combination that you don’t often see.

We talk about spirituality, happiness, embracing your dark side and intuition.

Again, with a heavy hart I had to condense the 1h interview to few minutes.

If you want to try spirituality in this way, just shoot Hanneke a message.

I have also shared the gist of this blog post on self care. It’s always better to read the entire thing 😉 though.

Next year I’m also on board with a program!