Is this you?

  • People want something from you all the time. All the fucking time!

  • It seems there is always this buzz in your head. Constant thoughts about things you are forgetting, missing or should have done.

  • You can’t focus on shit! Every time you try, you are getting distracted by something.

  • You are exhausted. All the time. In the evening you have just enough energy to turn on Netflix or scroll trough socials. But nothing more.

  • You are not creative. AT ALL NOT! It seems you can’t come up with any good ideas.

  • You don’t sleep that well.

What if I told you… a simple practice could fix it?

No, it’s not as simple as that. Here is the blue pill and here is the red one… Don’t believe people who tell you otherwise.

Only big changes in your life can fix that.


Small changes can get you going… small stones can trigger an avalanche. So let’s get these pebbles rollin’, shall we?

It starts with a simple practice… of emptying your mind through small creative acts. Every day. Even if you are not inspired, even if you can’t draw, even if you are tired, even if you had other plans…

In this online workshop I’ll show you how and I’ll provide you with the starter kit.

Relaxation on demand

During the workshop enjoy the company of others and after that… just turn your relaxation on demand anytime and anywhere you like or need.


Any one can do it. You don’t need any training to start. You don’t need to be “creative”. I bet you will have your preference from the array of techniques that I’ll show you. That’s all right. Choose one if you like and run with it!


All it takes is about 30 minutes of your day during the workshop days. It’s up to you if you continue on your own in between the workshops. Any time of the day. In between your meetings. Hell, even during your meetings.


Yes, there are costs. But… the good news is. After the workshop you are perfectly fine to fly solo further. We are not going to use any expensive materials. Literally, just the things you can find around your home.

How much, Karolina and what’s included?

  • Single workshop
  • euro50

    1 workshop, within 5 weeks from the registration
  • Join a group
  • Learn 1 technique
  • 30 minutes in the evening
  • All tools and materials provided
  • Yes, I want to empty my mind
  • Package: Empty your mind
  • euro175

    4 workshops, 4 consequent weeks
  • Join a group
  • Learn 4 techniques
  • 30 minutes per workshop
  • 1 workshop per week
  • All tools and materials provided
  • Yes, I want to empty my mind
  • The creativity addict
  • euro500

    12 workshops, 12 consequent weeks
  • Join a group
  • Learn more than 4 techniques
  • 30 minutes per workshop
  • 1 workshop per week
  • The first set of tools and materials provided, after that you refill on your own
  • Yes, I want to empty my mind

So how does it work?

Choose your package

From the above options, choose one. Register and fulfil the payment.

That step is pretty simple.

And of course I’ll send you an email with these instructions again. Just in case.

Goodies are on the way

After your registration I’ll send you a set of 5 envelops with all tools and materials needed. Don’t get too excited. These are cheap and easy to find things… yes even in your own house hold. But it’s such a joy to be surprised about what we ACTUALLY going to do that I’m not going to spoil it on before hand.

Choose your date

Post can not always be relied upon so when you get my package, you can book an actual date for the workshop and I’ll send you the right link to join when the time comes.

All workshops take place on Wednesdays in the evening 21:00 Amsterdam time.

The workshop

During the workshop I’ll roll a dice to discover which envelope we are going to use during that workshop. Yes, it’s pure chance. No worries, it will be fun.

We all will open the same envelope and go on with the workshop.

The refill

If you are participating in the “The creativity addict” you will need to refill the envelope before your next workshop.

No worries. It’s all already in your home most likely. You just need to put it into the envelope.


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